How to Increase Internet Speed by Easy Registry Hack!

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Tech-a-brel’s exclusive Registry Hack will make your Computer Surf faster.

All you have to do is just follow these bunch of simple steps.

  1.  First of all go to ‘My Computer’. Then right click on blank place and then go to ‘Properties’. After that go to the ‘Hardware’ tab and click ‘Device Manager’. Okay, so now as you can see a window of some contents, find the ‘Ports’ and click on it and then a double click on ‘Communication Port’. Then you should notice Communication Port’s properties. Go to the ‘Port Settings’ and Increase the ‘Bits Per Second’ to the Maximum(i.e. 128000) and Change the ‘Flow Control’ to ‘Hardware’. You are now okay with this part, follow the Next.
  2. Now Open Notepad and Type the Following Code into it. Then save the file as Speed.reg (Remember the extension must be .reg)



\CurrentControlSet\Servic es













  1.  Now Execute (open) the file. You are done. Take a net speed test and see the results. Your computer’s velocity and your experience to surf the net is changed forever.

Disclaimer : Before doing any Registry Hack. always create a System Restore Point to avoid any No Return position.

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