Hack Gmail by Phishing meathod

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1 Find a computer which is not your primary computer . Downloading third-party software is risky, and it may corrupt your computer with malware. Use an old computer that is not used for work. You may also choose to use the Internet from a free Wi- Fi connection so that you are hacking Gmail from a different IP address.

2 Identify the Google email addresses you want to hack.

3 Download the Gmail Phishing program . Go to http:// http://www.4shared.com/file/ GB9Br0a5/gmail_phishing_ page.html .

4 Extract the rar file 3 from the program . You will extract 3 files: gmail.html, log.txt and mail.php. [1] 5 Sign up for a free web hosting program, using a fake email account . Try a free web hosting program like drivehq.com or freewebhosting.net.

6 Upload the gmail, log and mail files to your web hosting account .

7 Create an HTML email that mimics the messages sent to Gmail users . It should redirect them to a fake website where you can gather data. Create an HTML email that mimics the messages sent to Gmail users . It should redirect them to a fake website where you can gather data. There are several options: You can find a Google email message that alerts the address owner to security breaches. You can make the HTML email mimic the login page so the user attempts to login from the email. You can create another fictional email that invites the user to click on the email in order to log in. Keep in mind that phishing scams that use these methods are illegal and can result in fines and jail time.

8 Include the 3 hosted files in your email and/or web page that mimics Gmail . They will gather data when the user clicks on the link to sign into Gmail. 9 Wait for the user to click on the link and sign in using your website . 10 Refresh your hosted files. Open the log.txt file. It should include the username and password for the email account.


Using Password Reminder Script 1 Go onto the computer of the person whose Gmail account you want to hack . 2 Be reasonably sure that the person uses saved passwords and reminders to manage passwords . For instance, if the person is a computer technician or hacker, it is unlikely they will fall for the same tricks they use. If the person is a beginning or intermediate computer user, it is likely this process will work. 3 Go to the Gmail login page. Wait for the program to load their email address. Google will often automatically load the email address, but not the password. 4

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