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Here is Partition A Hard Disk Without Formatting 2015 – How To Make Partition Of Hard Drive Without Formatting 2015: I’m sure this post will help you a lot. In this post i will tell you the method to Partition A Hard Drive Without Formatting it. Usually we make partition of our window drives while installing our new operating system at that time we have to format all the drives to repartition them . But in this post i will share a method by which you can easily repartition hard drive i.e. shrink or extend the space  of any of hard drive partition.

Many of us want more no. of partition to store different data in different drives as it becomes easy for us to determine and locate a file . So we can shrink some data froma drive and can craete a new drive with shrinked space. For exp If we have drive of 200Gb and it is approximately 80gb full with data and remaining 120 Gb is free ,here we can shrink 100Gb and create a new drive. In this way there will be two drives of 100Gb each.

How To Make Partition Of Hard Disk Without Formatting 2015 :-

Partition A Hard Disk Without Formatting 2015

Method To Partition A Hard DiskWithout Formatting

Steps to Partition A Hard Disk:-

  1. Click Startand type “msc” (without quotes) and press enter.
  2. Now a disk managementwindow will appear.
  3. Here you can see all your driveswhich is being currently available.
  4. Choose oneof the drive which you want to shrink or extend.
  5. For shrinking a driveand creating a new one there must be some free space in that drive.
  6. Now right click on the drive letter which you want to shrinkOr take out free space.
  7. Now select shrink volume, & a little process will go on.
  8. Here you will see the current sizeof drive, free space and size which you want to shrink.
  9. Now enterthe amount of space which you want to free, note that size should not exceed the free space.
  10. Now click shrink
  11. In disk management window you will see an unallocated spaceat right bottom corner.
  12. Right click on it and select New Simple Volume.
  13. Now click Nextand Enter the size of drive you want to create and click next, next and last
  14. Now a New Volume or Drivewill be created with desired size.

In same way you can extend size of any drive when your drive get overloaded by file,In that case you have to make some space unallocated by shrinking it from one drive and then using that space to extend another drive. By this way you can easily Partition A Hard Drive any drive without formating them.

How To Make Partition Of Hard Disk Without Formatting 2015 – Please note that do not try to create a partitions more than 5-6 as it can currepts your windows also . In Same do not make only one partition as when you will install a new operating system all data will be deleted. Don’t forget to share this post and Leave a comment below if you having any type problem at any step

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