Best Youtube Tricks 2015

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Youtube is a very popular network on internet to watch video online. Today there millions of people that watch videos on youtube every day. Also there are many channels on youtube which are get daily uptaed for the users. There are billions of user which spend time on Youtube to watch latest music,videos and many much more. Now i can bet that many of youtube user doesn’t know all about youtube .There are many hidden fatures or say tricks there for Youtube. These tricks can change users experience on youtube. These tricks are very helpful whilestreaming vidoes on Youtube.

Top & Best Youtube Tricks 2015:-

Best Youtube Tricks 2015

1 Trick- Access Youtube Video Offline

By this you can easily save youtube video in your device and can watch it later. Note that this will work on some selective videos which can be accessed offline.This will only work on smartphones.

  1. First off all update your youtube app from Google Play Store.
  2. Now you will see a offline option will get added at the slidebar.
  3. Click on it and you will see the Download button in every video.
  4. Select download button on any of video you want to access offline.

Now the video will get saved in your app for offline access. Now whenver you want to access that video just go to offline option and play the video. This will work over wifi network.

 2 Trick – Download Youtube Video Without Any Software

By this trick you can easily download any video on your mobile or Pc with a simple URL editing. Follow the below steps to download any youtube video without any software.

1.Open Youtube And open any video and edit the url of video by addingss before youtube(like this :-http://www.sscom/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=aYAfskE7AM ).

2.Now press  enter and you will go to next webpage .There choose quality of video to download at the right side of page.

By this you can download any youtube video with any downloder without any software.

3 Trick -How To Share A Just Portion Of Video

Sometime we want to share a portion of video with our friends or with our user . So here is the trick to do so. In this you can easily share a video with a starting point that you want to share .Just Follow the below steps.

  1. Open youtube video and note down the video timefrom which you want to set as starting point .Let it be 1min and 10 sec.
  2. Now at the last of video URL add#t=01m10s and copy the link.
  3. Now you can share the link with your user or friend and theshared link open the video starting from 1minute and 10 sec.

 4 Trick – AutoReplay Any Video

Sometime we want to repeat any funny videos or any our favorite music back to back. But for this we have to click on play it again and again. But by this trick you can set any video to repeat itself to infinite time.

  1. Open youtube video and in the Url replace Youtube with infinitelooper.
  2. Press enter your video will get repeatwhenever# it finishes.

5 Trick – Youtube Speed Checker

By this trick you can easily check your video streaming speed by just simple steps explained below.

  1. Open any youtube video.
  2. Right click on the bottom empty space under video.
  3. SelectTake Speed Test and this will display the full graph of speed.

Best Youtube Tricks 2015 – Above are the Best Youtube Tricks 2015. By this trick you will have great expirence over youtube while streaming any video . Have fun with this cool and helpful youtube tricks 2015. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends .Leave a comment below about your experience with these tricks .

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