How To Convert Facebook Profile Into A Page

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How To Convert Facebook Profile Into A Page

With more than billions of user facebook is one of the biggest social media network. In this network there are billions of user profiles, millions of groups and lots of pages are there. Which are connecting lots of people today on this giant network. Now talking about facebook pages that are just collection of users or members that likes the page. Now you can either invite your friend to like your page, or promote it or convert facebook profile into a page containing like equal to your friends in the profile, So today we are here with a trick for How To Convert Facebook Profile Into A Page. You can do this very easily by just following a simple method that we have discussed below.

The method is very cool as you will no need to individually invite all your friends to like your page as you will be just converting the Facebook profile into the page. So just follow up some of simple steps below to proceed.

  1. First of all login into your profile which you want to migrate to a Facebook page.
  2. Now open the link to migrate your profile.
  3. Now you will see all the category in which you can change your page, select any of your choice or needCapture.
  4. Now agree the Facebook terms and conditions and proceed.
  5. Note that converting your facebook profile into a page will lost all your facebook data and your friends will convert into your page likes.
  6. Facebook will ask you some security question while proceeding answer them and proceed.
  7. Thats it you are done now your profile get completely converted into a page, share your links and media there.
So above is all about How To Convert Facebook Profile Into A Page. By this method you can easily get more likes on a page and also you can merge multiple pages to make them huge. And also you can share your knowledge or promote something on these pages to gain traffic. Hope you like the method, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if still facing problem.
         by:-shubham    enjoy ;)

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