How To Send Self Destructing Emails

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Send Self Destructing Emails
How To Send Self Destructing Emails – Sometime you want to send an email that you won’t want to be permanently get store in the receiver’s mailbox. Like if you want to make fun with your friends without a proof that you have send the emails, then you can use this method by which email will get automatically delete from the device to which you are sending the mail. And by this method you can easily make fun with your friend. This method is based on the online self destructive email services that allow you to send self destructive emails which will get deleted after receiver reads that mail. So have a complete look on this method below.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails To Your Friends

In this method you will use a Dmailing service that will allow you to revert back your sent email and with this you can send message to anyone through email and then revert back your email and receiver will not have any proof of that received message. You just have to follow some simple steps discussed below to try out this cool trick.

Steps To Send Self Destructing Emails:-

  1. First of all you need to have latest version of Google Chrome Browser in your computer.
  2. After installing the latest version of Google Chrome launch it in your PC and the open the extension Dmail in your browser.
  3. Now click on Add to Chrome button there and then click on ok button on popup appear.2
  4. Now dmail will get added to your chrome, now open your Gmail account from where you want to send Self Destructive Emails.
  5. Now click on compose button there and you will see DMAIL auttomatically appearing with it and there you can set the time period for your email to get deleted automatically.3
  6. Thats it you are done the sent email will get deleted after the set time period on Dmail and you can make fool of your friends and send some secret things for a short while.


So above we have discussed about How To Send Self Destructing Emails. Dmail service is a very cool one that get added to your browser and allow you to send secret emails through your gmail and with this you also make fun of your friends by sending them self destructing email which will not going to residue in their mailbox. Hope you like this cool trick, do share our article if you really like them and Leave a comment below if you have any related query with this.

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