How To Remotely Access Another Computer – PC Tricks

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How To Remotely Access Another Computer 2015

How To Remotely Access Another Computer – PC Tricks 2015 – Here is tips to Remote Computer Access 2015– Remote Computer Access is a method in computer world by which you can easily control any computer remotely over the internet. This method is mainly made for office managers to have track on their employees that what exactly they are doing on their computer. By this we can easily control each and everything on another computer. Like we can access its all files even we can copy files from one computer to another computer remotely also we can shutdown and can have admin access to that computer. With good internet connection it feel like we are really working on another computer. We can also chat with other pc user With Remote Computer Access. In this post i will tell you the best methods to How To Remotely Access Another Computer 2015

#1 Method: Remote Computer Access Using Google Chrome

  1. First Download the extension Chrome Remote Access in your Google Chrome.
  2. Now this app will get added to your chrome and you can see it at rightmost top corner.
  3. Click on it and click continue.
  4. Now it will ask to allow access to data,proceed with allowing access to it.
  5. Now it will ask ou to connect to another computer or share your computer.
  6. Now if you click on share this computer then it will generate a code.
  7. Send the code to the partner by whom you want to accessed your computer. Note that other computer must have same app installed on its computer.
  8. Now your partner will enter he code and your desktop will get share to him exactly same as you can see yours.

By this anyone having access code can access your computer remotely and even you can access someone’s else computer by having access code of it.

#2 Method : Using Team Viewer

Team Viewer is very popular software to access any computer remotely.

Features Of Team Viewer:-

Remote Computer Access
Text Chatting with partner
Video Calling
Remote File Transfer
Screenshot Capturing
Lock computer screen
Steps To Remote Computer Access Using Team Viewer.

  1. Download and install Team Viewer software in your computer. Your computer must be connected to internet.
  2. Now it will display User Id and Password.
  3. If you want your partner to access your computer then send him your user id and password.
  4. If ou want to access someone’s computer then get the Username and pasword of Team Viewer of that computer.
  5. Now click on Connect To partner and type User Id of partner and then it will ask for password.
  6. Fill in the password and press enter.
  7. Now it will start connecting your computer to another computer and finally you can remotely access any computer.

By this method you can easily have remote access over other computer.

How To Remotely Access Another Computer 2015 – So these were the methods to have Remote Computer Access 2015. By connecting remotely you can control your friend’s,employee and any of other’s computer and can even solve their problems by just siiting in front of your computer. You can also have Text Chatting and Video Calling by these methods.

by:-shubham            Enjoy ;)

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