Turn ON Your PC Very Fast As Less Then In 10 Seconds.

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I am going to tell you something very cool, interesting and very useful.

Alright so you wanna know how to Turn ON your PC very fast as less then in 10


Here’s what you have to do to Turn your PC ON in 10 seconds.

Y ou have to do these following steps:-

1.Click on the START button then,

2.Go to RUN.

3.type Regedit and hit Enter.

4.this will open Registery Editor5.Now look for the below key



6.Now there find the Key Called “Startup Delay” Double Click On It.

7.Now where its Base Click Decimal.

8.Now its Default Value Is 4800000(75300:hexadecimal)

9.Change The Value To 40000 and click on OK

10.Now close the Registery Editor.

11.Now Y ou have Done it and Restart your PC and check the speed.

=======DO IT ON YOUR RISK!!==========

Posted by Shubham ;)

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