How To Lock A Folder Without Any Software

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You Have To Follow These STEPS:
1. Open notepad and paste the following code in it.
2. Change the password in place of (qwerty)
3. Save the notepad as: Locker.bat
4. At first time start it will create folder with Locker automatically for u.
5. After creation of Locker folder again click on the Locker.bat
6. It will Y then Locker folder will be disappeared.
7. Again to get it click on locker.bat and give your password you will get the folder again.
note: current password is qwerty
@color A
@echo off
if EXIST “T2G Locker” goto UNLOCK
if NOT EXIST Locker  goto mdfolder
echo Are you sure want to lock the locker(Y/N)
set/p “ch=”
if %ch%==y goto lock
if %ch%==Y goto lock
if %ch%==n goto end
if %ch%==N goto end
echo invalid choice
goto confirm
ren locker “T2G Locker”
attrib +s +h “T2G Locker”
echo lock successfully
goto end
echo Enter password for unlock
set/p “pass=”
if NOT %pass%==qwerty goto fail
attrib -s -h “T2G Locker”
ren “T2G Locker” locker
echo Unlock successfully
goto end
echo Invalid Password
goto end
md locker
echo Locker created successfully
goto end
echo Locker generated by spyboy
When You Run The Batch File There a folder “Locker” Automatically Genrated.Put your stuff in this folder.
After this process run the locker.bat again.this time it wiil ask you that you want  to lock the folder.Press “Y” and then hit enter to lock the folder
You Will see your locker folder disappear automatically.
you have to run the script again to get access of your folder.
You have to enter your password to access the folder.
Enjoy this awesome trick.

Posted by Shubham ;)

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