How to hack your friends’ passwords for facebook, myspace, runescape, twitter, gmail, etc

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Hai friends Today i am tell about trick how to hack your friends password for any mail like Gmail , Facebook , Myspace , Twitter ,Rediff , Yahoo mail , etc… See the below steps and follow!!!!!.

Download the REFOG free Keylogger Version software. Install it…

After Installation open the REFOG application follow below steps.

Step 1 : clear logs follow screenshot.

Step 2: Click User and click Green color play button.

Step 3: In this step minimize the REFOG Application and Open any browser (chrome , Firefox..etc) then Enter your Email id and Password or Ask to your friend to  Enter his Email id and Password -> login.

Step 4: After login to open the Minimize REFOG Application  follow Below ScreenShot.
First click Stop button – > Click User name ( Ragu or anything) – > In right side your computer or browser history is open – > to find your Login page and click that – > below to see your or friend Email id and password.

Step 5: Enjoy this….

Posted by Shubham ;)


  1. Exelent SUBHAM, is it realy works i am going to try it as your command.If it works as you can say .Then this is the greatest day ever of my life.


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