How to send,attach Executable (.exe file) files with Gmail

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Gmail would not allow to attach .exe format file.If you try to attach an executable file(.exe) then Gmail would prompt a message saying “file is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file”.

Screenshot below:

 But still if you need to send a executable file in Gmail there are some workarounds

Rename the file 

Rename the file without .exe extension.For eg if the file is “test.exe” change it to “test.txt” and attach in gmail for sending.

Communicate in the receiver side that they have to change it to .exe extension.
Note:  After Rename Executable file into .txt file we should compress that file using Winrar or Winzip.
Eg: “Textdrive.rar” which Gmail would allow to be attached and sent.
These workarounds would violate Google policies.Thus if you wish to go with Google,upload the file in some file sharing website and give the link in the mail.

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