How to Set Honey Bunny Song Idea Dialer Tone for Free

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Idea recently came up with a sweet attractive dialer tone for their brand promotion called “Honey Bunny” Its like a sweet melodious tone with pretty good lyrics and now they are proving this dialer tone for free to set for your callers. So if you want you can set this tone for free and when ever anyone calls you they will hear this amazing tone.

If you have not heard about this beautiful song just check the below video.

NOTE Make sure that you deactivate all your existing dialer tones before activating this free Honey Bunny dialer tone.

  1. Just open up your messages and type HB and send it to 56789
  2. Now just wait for few minutes till you get a response message from them saying that this dialer tone has been activated on your device and it is valid for 1 month.
  3. Now this is totally free of charge and you can deactivate this service anytime by sending message UNSUB rn_sel_hb to 54300

So now just enjoy this amusing song and have fun, if you find out any problem do comment so that I can help you out.

Posted by Shubham ;)

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