Useful Windows Run Commands Which You Don’t Know

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Usually, We Use the computer with the help of mouse.When Sometimes mouse is not working properly then what should we do.I suggest you to use windows run commands in that situation.I Am going to tell you some useful windows run commands shortcuts.Windows run commands list is down Below.

Type Your Commands In This Type Of Window.You Get this window by pressing These key[Windows + R].
Run Commands for Accessories :

Calculator = calc

Command Prompt = cmd

Microsoft Paint = mspaint or mspaint.exe

On Screen Keyboard = osk

Character Map = charmap

System Information = msinfo32

Connect to a Network Projector = netproj

Connect to a Projector = displayswitch

Sticky Note = stikynot

Windows Explorer = explorer or explorer.exe

Wordpad = write

Presentation Settings = presentationsettings

Remote Desktop Connection = mstsc

Snipping Tool = snippingtool

Ease of Access Center = utilman

Magnifier = magnify

Narrator = Narrator

Internet Explorer = iexplore

Disk Cleanup Utility = cleanmgr

System Restore = rstrui

Windows Media Player = wmplayer

Sound Recorder = soundrecorder

Disk Defragment User Interface = dfrgui

Run Commands for Computer Management :

Services = services.msc

Disk Management = diskmgmt.msc

Device Manager = devmgmt.msc

Computer Management = compmgmt.msc

Local Users and Groups = lusrmgr.msc

Performance Monitor = perfmon.msc

Event Viewer = eventvwr.msc

Shared Folders/MMC = fsmgmt.msc

Task Scheduler = control schedtasks

Run Commands for Administrative Tools :

Problems Steps Recorder = psr

Registry Editor = regedit or regedt32

System Configuration Utility = msconfig

Direct X Troubleshooter = dxdiag

Group Policy Editor = gpedit.msc

Add Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpl

Local Security Settings = secpol.msc

Resoure Monitor = resmon

Windows System Security Tool = syskey

Windows Version = winver

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security = wf.msc

Run Commands for Control Panel :

Windows Firewall = firewall.cpl

Create a System Repair disc = recdisc

Date and Time Properties = timedate.cpl

Devices and Printers = control printers

Personalization = control desktop

Screen Resolution = desk.cpl

Folders Options = control folders

Fonts = control fonts

Internet Properties = inetcpl.cpl

Keyboard = control keyboard

Mouse = control mouse or main.cpl

Network Connections = ncpa.cpl

Phone and Modem Options = telephon.cpl

Sound = mmsys.cpl

Volume Mixer = sndvol

System Properties = sysdm.cpl

Control Panel = control

So Guy’s Here Is My Useful Windows  Run Commands Which You Don’t Know list.I hope all of you like it most.

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