How To Add All Facebook Friends To a Group

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Facebook is the best platform of on social networking websites to share your ideas, thinking and chatting with friends.Everybody wants more entertainment in his life.So Facebook is provided a facility of making your own group.You are admin of the group and nobody join your group without your approval. So Facebook groups are totally different from Facebook pages.Invite all Facebook friends to join your group is very tired full work so Friends I am going to tell you  about how to add all Facebook friends to a group.By this trick you can add all your facebook friends to your group at once.

Here are some steps which you can follow to use this trick successfully

Step 1.

First you login to your facebook account.And open the group in which you want to add your friends.

Step 2.

Open the debugger by pressing an F12 key. And go to the console box.
Step 3.
paste the script on the console box and the process will start to add all your friends to your group.
 the script is written below copy this and paste.
100% Working Trick For How To Add All Facbook Friends To a Group
Download This Script From Below Link

Don’t worry about anything this script is totally safe. In case you have too many friends then you get blocked for using groups or even your account may get locked. So be careful.

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