Top 5 Best Hacking Tools Which Used By Pro Hackers

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Hacking Is Not so easy.Hackers Do a lot of work and research.Most of the hackers use some tools for their work.So, Today I’m Going you to give some Cool and Working Hacking Tools Which used by professional hackers.

The List Of Hacking Tools Is Below.

#1 Armitage
Top 5 Best Hacking Tools Which Used By Pro Hackers
Armitage is best GUI form of Metasploit Framework. Metasploit is one of the best tools for running and handling exploit on Linux.Many Professional Ethical-Hackers and Pentesters also use this tool for testing security on Network.Armitage is the best tool for breaking the security of the network. Armitage is preinstalled in Kali OS Latest Version.

Download Armitage

If you want some tutorials about Armitage.Then Click On this link

Armitage Tutorials

#2 HashCat

Top 5 Best Hacking Tools Which Used By Pro Hackers
Hashcat is the self-proclaimed world’s fastest CPU-based password recovery tool. It is one best tools cracking the password.This hacking tool can do all type of attack and decrypt your hash.Basically, the hash can use for a brute-force attack, dictionary attack, hybrid attack andrule-based attack.Hashcat is preinstalled in Kali OS

#3 Wireshark

Wireshark is free and open source packet analyzer for Linux and Windows.This tool can capture all type of packets in the connected network.Wireshark can sniff all type of data in the network.Preinstalled in Kali.

Download Wireshark

#4 Social Engineer Toolkit
SET is a collection of some best exploits for hacking.This is best exploit tools of phishing, spoofing and doing lots of stuff.This is preinstalled in Kali OS.

#5 Wifite

Wifite is a tool for hacking WiFi password.This WiFi hacking tool can hack almost all type of encryption like WPA, WEP and WPA-2.

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