Best 5 Facebook Photos/Timeline/Albums Tricks

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Facebook is one of the biggest social networking websites. Daily million of images and picture shared in facebook at worldwide.  In this post we post best facebook photo tricks. With that tricks you can make facebook collage photo and timeline cover, Download Facebook photos and much more.

Best 5 Facebook Photos/Timeline/Albums Tricks

Creating Beautiful Photo Collages of Facebook Album from Loupe

create colllage from facebook photos

Lope is a online collages photo making service. With Loupe you create  beautiful collages photos from facebook albums. Loupe also support all major image hosting sites like dropbox and Google plus. You can make collage photo in many design and shapes from you facebook photos. You can also make collage photo from your facebook friend photo album.

Make Designer and Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

Make Designer and Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

If want something new for your facebook profile and timeline cover try this website. Tricked out timeline is a awesome website ,with this website you make your profile more creative than your friends.
Visit Tricked Out Timeline

Make your Display/Profile  Pic “Un-clickable”

 Many People want privacy in Facebook. If you want no one click on your profile pic so follow below steps-
Step 1: From your timeline, navigate to Photos -> Albums -> Profile Pictures.
Step 2: Select your current profile pic and set its privacy to “Only Me” from default “Public”. That’s All.
There are many other such Facebook  Privacy options.


Download Facebook Photo Album

Do you want Facebook Photos in Computer for offline browsing. Many people download lots of tool and other things but they can’t get photos so Here I post some best way for downloading facebook album photos.
If you are using Chrome Download Photolive Extension

Photo Zoom for Facebook

photo zoom for facebook

PhotoZoom is best way to enlarge any photos in Facebook. If you are using Google Chrome you can download these extension from Google Chrome Store. You can also enlarge unclickable profile photo from this extension.

So my friends use this tricks and enjoy Facebook. I hope this guide help you in Facebook for better photo understanding.

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