some awesome tricks that can be used in schools,colleges & offices ;D ENJOY,,,,!!!

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A lot of schools/offices block the cmd box or run box.I’m about to show you how to get it back !

Make your own run/cmd box

Step 1.Open notepad.

Step 2.Type

Step 3.Go to file then save as your desired name followed by .bat
so for example bob.bat

Remote shut down !(only works on your local network)

Step 1.Go to your cmd / run box

Step 2.Then type shutdown -i

Step 3.Endless amusment !!

Awsome matrix trick (to impress)

Step 1.Open notepad.Step 2.Type this below
@echo off
color 0a
echo f 6 j 8 d h l 7 b k g i d j h d 6 l h n m f i h k f s 8 5 b j f
echo h 5 j k v 7 k v 4 d h 8 l 9 b g d j 6 k 0 d c n y 6 g j f h c y
goto flag
Note ! The numbers and letters above can be random as long as its 0-9
or a-z ( no special charachters like )

Step 3.Save this file as your desired name followed by .bat
for example Matrix.bat

How to make a creepy chatbox !

Step 1.Open up notepad or right click on the desktop and create => new text document.

Step 2.Type the following …
dim fname
fname=inputbox (“your text goes here ! “)
fname=inputbox (“your text goes here ! ” & fname)

ok so for my example consider the Following :

dim fname
fname=inputbox (“Hi i’m Rahul whats your name ?”)
fname=inputbox (“How are you feeling ? ” & fname)
fname=inputbox(“Oh thats nice ! “)
fname=inputbox(“Any way got to go bye ! ” )

So i would open it up and it would say hello im Spyboy whats you name?
say if i typed bob and pressed enter it would say how are you feeling bob. <== thants what the & fname is for at the end. Create a new user with out any one knowing !

Step 1. Go to your cmd/run box

Step 2.Type net user followed by your desired user name then your password then /add

Step 3. For example
net user Daz HF /add
the Daz is the user name the HF is the password .

How to make any user an administrator !

Step 1.Go to your cmd/run box.

Step 2.Type net localgroup administrators followed by the user mane then /add

Step 3.Example : net localgroup administrators Daz /add
Daz the user name

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  1. Im very new to this. I have tried many times just to hack my FBI accent. Fail. I only have android to work with. ANy ideas?


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