How to Data Recover Files from Corrupted USB and Memory Card

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Hello friends, today I will share very useful trick How to Data Recovery from Corrupted USB and SD/Memory Card. We are storing our important data like files or documents or some memorable photos in pen drive or memory card. Same as I am store my some important data and some memorable photos and videos are store in my pen drive and memory card but today morning my android mobile I don’t know how drop in water. I am shock at a time I will take my mobile and try to start my android phone but it’s not start and attaches my phone to laptop through USB cable try to open my memory card. But my whole memory card corrupted and I was lost my files and very important lost my old memorable photos and videos. After I will lots of searching how to deleted file recovery and how to again file recovery from corrupted USB and SD/memory card.

After all of happen I am lots searching free data recovery software & tools from Google, Yahoo etc. but some tools & software I found but these all of are paid version. After long time I am searching one free & best valuable data recovery free software or tool found. So today here I will display step by step process how to use this data recovery software use & get back all deleted files. Checkout my new & very important post on How to Recover Data Files from Corrupted USB and SD/Memory Card.


Steps to Recover Data Files from Corrupted USB and Memory Card

After lots of searching how to recover files from corrupted pen drive and memory card I was find some steps to use command prompt but after trying command prompt steps I can’t get my all files and all photos and videos.

So I am trying to find some other trick after long searching I will find one free software it’s available on Windows and Mac version and it’s totally free. Here describe below I am trying to describe with photos.

Step 1 First download M3 Data Recovery software and install in your Windows or Mac. Direct download link available below.

Step 2 Once your download complete after connect your Pen Drive or Memory Card to your computer.

Step 3 Now run the program and click Data Recovery module.

Step 4 Choose your pen drive or memory card and then click Next> to search your lost data.

Recover Data2 Trickshack

Step 5 M3 Data Recovery will analyze every sector on the selected volume and then find the lost files.

Recover Data3 Trickshack

Step 6 When the scan finishes, you will be able to preview found files. Then select files you want to recover and save them.

Above we have discuss How to Recover Files from Corrupted Pen Drive and Memory Card. After install M3 Data Recovery software we can recover our files or any important document from corrupted pen drive and memory card. I hope you like my post so don’t forget like and share with your fiends.

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