Androrat: How it works

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  1. I need help on remotely hacking my sons phone im a truck driver my wife passed away 3 months ago and my son has been rebelling real badand i need to know who he is talking texting with but he doesnt talk to me as much anymore i dont want to loose him and im desperate if there is a way u can help please do so thank u daniel

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  2. Bro.. I want to hack a smartphone via another smartphone connected in a common Hotspot.. Can u lead me??


  3. I have been locked out of my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge by my baby sister. Is there anyway I can get past the frp lock with Kali Linux on a PC? Any help is appreciated.

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  4. I think someone hacked my phone. How can I find out who hacked me? I believe its an old friend who is trying to get personal info.


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