How To access Windows Computers That Are On The Same LAN Network

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How To Hack Same LAN Computers?

If you are working in Office / Colleges and want to hack your friends & college mate PC then here is a trick follow below steps:

Go to Run> Cmd

now type command

C:\>net view

Server Name            Remark

Here you can get all the names of all the computers machine names which connect with your LAN.

Now you got the name.  Lets start hacking into the systems.

After you get server name now type tracert command for knowing IP of the victim machine.

Example: C:\> tracert xyz

Here you get the IP address of the XYZ computer machine.

now go to windows start button and type Remote Desktop Connection

After click on Remote Desktop Connection you get below..

Now type the IP address or computer name of victim machine.
Click on connect <-|
It will also ask administrator password which is common as usual you known about.
After few second Victim machine shown in your Computer..
Now you can access that machine to open website, files, Software’s, etc
Enjoy the trick..

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