Copy Data automatically From USB to your PC On Insert

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We sometime wish that if someone insert his/her USB Into your pc then its data automatically copy in to your system in hidden Form.
there is no need of software in this. we will make it possible with the help of some Dos commands.
lets get started, Follow the below steps.


1. open cmd
3. type copy con filename.bat
3. now type “xcopy
i: f:\copied /h /s /c /q /i” remove ” ”
4. type Exit
4. press f6
5. now it will create a batch file named filename.bat

xcopy is a command which is used to copy file and folder
i: is the name of your pen-drive drive name replace with your drive name
f:\copied is the name of folder where you wish to copied data is to be placed replace
with your own folder or path
/h is used to copy hidden files also

Now copy this file into desktop now whenever someone insert his/her USB into your system then click on this file his data is automatically copied into the folder specified by you.

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