How To Increase RAM Using Pendrive

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I  know it’s old trick, but some people are still not aware of of my friend asked me today.As you all know what is a basic functionality of RAM on our PC/Laptop as the more RAM means more speed and faster your system’s speed. For gaming purpose, one needs more RAM. What if you don’t have enough money to buy new RAM and also sometimes there is no extra slot on your motherboard to setup new RAM. so,try this awsm way to extend your ram.

#1 Method: Virtual Ram Concept For Windows

Step 1. First of all Insert Your Pen Drive. Then open My Computer and Right click > Then open Properties.

Step 2. Now Properties window will appear, then click on Advanced system settings from a left side.

Step 3. Then in Advanced Tab click on Settings Button appear in Performance tab.

Step 4.  Again new window will appear then click on Advanced Tab.

Step 5.  In Advanced Tab there is an option of the Virtual Memory box, Then click on Change Button.

Virtual Ram Concept For Windows

Step 6. Now uncheck the box of Automatically Manage Page size feature. Then in Custom Size Add Your Pen Drive current same in below format. Now Add same Value in both boxes and click on Apply button.

Virtual Ram Concept For Windows

Note: If Your Pen Drive is of Size 4Gb then always add 10Mb less from currently available size. As I am using pen drive of size 4Gb and current space available is 3700 Mb then use 3690 minimum approx or remove more as you can because of it better of device safety.

Restart Your PC or Laptop and Now pen drive work as Virtual Ram. If you face problem in above method then can also follow below method which is easy to perform and work on Window 7, 8

#2 Method: Using ReadyBoost In Windows 7, 8, 10

Step 1. Firstly Insert your Pen Drive > Now Right click on your pen drive and Open Properties

Step 2. Now you need to browse to ReadyBoost Tab.

Step 3. Then switch to Use this device and reduce your current memory space. If your current device place is 4100MB, then reduce it with approx 200-300MB.

Step 4. Then click on Apply button and all Done.

Step 5. In case if you want to change back your pen drive to normal then switch it back Don’t use a device in ReadyBoost tab.

Important Recommendations:

1. Always Safely Eject Your Pen Drive. Direct remove removal may lead to device damage.

2. In Virtual Memory method If you want to convert back your Pen into Normal Then Again open Virtual Settings And Remove custom memory value and choose Default settings by checking Automatically Manage Paging Size.

3. In ReadyBoost Method don’t forget to revert to normal or otherwise open your pen drive and delete Readyboost file from your pen drive.

It will be very helpful to you if you have a pen drive.

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  1. Also, you know that ready boost is very easy to use and eject after using it but how can we verify that the pendrive is working as virtual memory or not? because it can’t be seen in the my computer properties. So please tell how to check if readyboost is working or not. Thank you


  2. I m using Asus Zenfone 3 ZC553KL (Non Root) and it ‘s too strong to root for me coz i m not good much about Android or may b IT . . plz if i dont mind show me ways how to root my ph or guide me ways to use (without rooting my ph ) all kinds of app that needed to b rooted. . If possible for my ph. . Plz . Thz u so much


  3. Using the device with Ready Boost is working, a little better on RAM but still slow on old computer with Windows 7. Thanks for that. It does work. But my question, while in “Ready Boost” mode, can I still use my pen drive as a memory stick. Or, can I still use it for media and document files?


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