Hack Into A Computer Which Is Connect On same network(Lan)

Posted: March 20, 2017 in Networking, Tech hacks, Windows Tricks

If you are working in Office / Colleges and want to hack your friends & college mate PC then here is a trick.

What do we need?
  • Windows Os
  • Cain And Abel

Step 1:- Finding the target

So first off we need to find a computer or the computer to hack into. So if you are
plugged into the LAN, or connected to the WAN, you can begin. Open up Cain and
Abel. This program has a built-in sniffer feature. A sniffer looks for all IP addresses in the local subnet. Once you have opened up the program click on the sniffer tab, click the Start/Stop sniffer, and then click the blue cross.
Another window will pop up, make sure “All host in my subnet” is selected, and then

click ok.

It should begin to scan.
The IP’s, computer names, and mac addresses will show up
Now, remember the IP address of the computer you are going to be breaking into.
If you can’t tell whether the IP address is a computer, router, modem, etc, that’s ok.
During the next step we will begin our trial and error.
Step 2:- Trial and error
Now, we don’t know if we have our designated target, or if we have a computer or
printer, or whatever else is on the LAN or WAN.
If you did get the IP of the target though, I still recommend reading through this
section, for it could be helpful later on.
Click on the start menu and go to run, type in cmd, and click ok.
This should bring up the command prompt.
From here we will do most of the hacking.
Now I will be referring to certain commands that need to be inputted into the
command prompt.
I will put these commands in quotes, but do not put the quotes in the code when you
type it into the prompt.
I am only doing this to avoid confusion.
Let’s get back to the hacking.
Type in “ping (IP address of the target).” For example in this tutorial, “ping”
This will tell us if the target is online.
If it worked, it will look something like this (note, I have colored out private
IF it didn’t work, meaning that the target is not online, it will look something like this:
If the target is not online, either switch to a different target, or try another time.
If the target is online, then we can proceed.

Step 4:– Gathering the information
Now, input this command “nbtstat –a (IP address of target).” An example would be
nbtstat –a”
This will show us if there is file sharing enabled, and if there is, it will give us the:
currently logged on user, workgroup, and computer name.
Step 5:- Getting In
Finally it’s time.
By now we know: that our target is online, our target has file sharing, and our target’s
computer name.
So it’s time to break in.
We will now locate the shared drives, folders, files, or printers. Type in “net view 
(IP Address of Target)”
An example for this tutorial would be: “net view
We have our just found our share name. In this case, under the share name is “C,”

meaning that the only shared thing on the computer is C. Then to the right, under
Type, it says “Disk.” This means that it is the actual C DISK of the computer. The C
DISK can sometimes be an entire person’s hard drive.

As you can see, for my hack I have already used “K,” so I used “G” instead.

You may also do the same for multiple hacks.
If it worked, it will say “The command completed successfully.
If not, you will have to go retrace you steps.
Now open up “my computer” under the start menu, and your newly created network
drive should be there.

Now, if you disconnect from the WAN or LAN, you will not be able to access this
drive, hence the name Network Drive.
The drive will not be deleted after you disconnect though, but you won’t be able to
access it until you reconnect to the network.
So if you are doing this for the content of the drive, I recommend dragging the files
and folders inside of the drive onto your computer,
because you never know if the target changes the sharing setting.

Congratulations! You’re DONE!
-Commands used in this tutorial:
NBTSTAT -a (IP Address of Target)
NET VIEW (IP Address of Target)
NET USE K: (IP Address of Target)(SHARENAME)
-Program used in this tutorial:
Cain and Abel.

Posted by Shubham ;)

  1. Itech Samyak says:

    Bhaiya I”m A Great Fan Of Your”s


  2. piyush choudhary says:

    i have a question

    how we can hack any facebook account without knowing password

    i see lot of video on youtube but its all fake

    can youdo this ???


  3. Daniel Chettiar says:

    Hey bro. Can you teach me how to hack and gain a Wi-Fi password using Windows through aircrack-ng software. I would be grateful if you reply. Also, I know this is not the place to ask solution to PC problems, but I have a really irritating one due to which I am not able to use my lappy properly. I have a Samsung laptop, which came with Windows 8.1. Later on when Windows 10 was released, I downloaded an OEM version and installed it. 2 months ago, my lappy crashed once after which it started spamming keys like “************/0000000”. Recently it crashed again, after which some keys don’t work at all. It’s surely not a hardware problem, it’s definitely a software problem. I tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it, but to no avail. It would be of immense help if you could provide me with a solution. Thanks a lot in advance


  4. I need to hack a password that is on a galaxy note 3 or either hack a Gmail password. Please tell me that you can hack and get a Gmail/Google account…please get back with me asap.


  5. Asif says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsHow to trace mobile phone with exact location and sim card details like calling details and etc


  6. Esteban says:

    what if on step five i get instead of “C Disk” a “Users Disk” result?


  7. Fii says:

    any app for free unlimited internet on windows pc?


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  9. Is the scanning too long???


  10. ROCKO says:

    YO YO my brother thank you so much 4 all u do I’m loving learning how to use my phone N laptop in different ways,but I’m very new to all this but I have learned how to hacked into WiFi it was so easy it scary anyhow I took it a step further to see if I could get into there routers,which I did but one dude didn’t even have a password on his or hers but I I got on his computer or phone what ever he was hooked up to N I said I order u some pizzas,,,,we’ll I learn my first hacking lesson it was like he had a worm in the lake waiting for someone to bite….next thing I knew I just thought it was the beer I was drinking but all of sudden he was moving all my icons all over my desk top then music started playing N there SpongeBob dancing naked blowing bubbles man I show which I could have just been able to do anything like that back to him,did not do nothing bad but just letting me know he could get into my computer really easy
    HUGS AND KISSES 😂 ✌ ✌ ✌


  11. rishav sharma says:

    Net view is showing that access is denied
    System error 5 has occurred


  12. Surya says:

    i wan to hack mobile location
    help me to find mobile location


  13. Skaendium says:

    It tells me that I haven’t got permission to do it (Error 5). What can I do?


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