Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac

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Android Emulator is a software which can emulate the Android environment on a PC. So that you can enjoy Android apps and games without actually having an Android phone. This helps especially developers who need to test their Android apps. And some use it to play Android games on their PC. So here are some great Android emulators for Windows PC and Mac which runs the latest Android 10 environments.

Buy using emulators you can also configure the CPU, RAM and other parameters. It is also useful if you need to just install an app for experimental purpose and testing. Since there are plenty of apps available for Android, you can enjoy all of them on these Android emulators. If Some apps are not working on an emulator, you can use another one there is a list of plenty of android emulators.

Best Android Emulators For Windows

List of Top12 Best Android Emulators For Windows 10 PC And Mac:-

Buy using these Android emulators for PC & Mac you can easily playa Android games and use Android apps on PC. Here are some great windows android emulators which you might wanna download:

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1.) BlueStacks


BlueStack is very easy to set up and has a great UI with the compatibility of great gaming experience. It also supports touch screen if you own a touchscreen laptop. Based on its great UI and gaming experience, it is one of the best Android emulators for PC, Windows 10 and Mac. Apart from many cool features, it also has some disadvantages. You will face little lags in this software. Gestures support is not good and has a lot of sponsored ads to annoy you.

Download BlueStacks

2.) KoPlayer


Koplayer is free software and also known for its lag-free gaming experience. As it is free software, you will see a couple of ads here also. It is easy to set up and handle because of its very simple UI and can set up any Android device. It also supports Keyboard mapping and gamepad emulation. Overall the software is great in performing all the tasks, but it has some bugs which cause problem while uninstalling the software.

Download Ko Player

3.) MEmu Play

MEmu Play
MEmu Play

MEmu play is also free of cost software, and the main focus of this software is on gaming performance, but the quality of texture while playing the game is not so good. It’s a new Android emulator but heavily loaded with features as compared to the others. It’s great for installing or testing android apps, but not very ideal for gaming.

Download MEmu play

4.) Nox Player

Nox Player

It is a free Android emulator with no sponsored ads. And, it comes with great features such as gesture compatibility, great gaming experience, hardware acceleration and much more. But some of the popular anti-viruses have detected Nox System file as a threat.

Download Nox Player

5.) Genymotion


Genymotion is a great platform for developers. It is paid software with so many premium features. And you can use 30 days trials also to check whether the software is suitable for you. This product is made for testers and app developers so it is not a good choice for game lovers. This emulator works on Windows, macOS and Linux and also compatible with Android SDK and Android studio.

Download Genymotion

6.) Android Studio

Android Studio
Android Studio

This is a Google product and one more great choice for Developers. It is a development based Android Integrated Development Environment. This Android emulator is a bit difficult in setting up. As it is for app testing and developing options, it is not an ideal choice for gamers to play heavy games.

Download Android Studio

7.) Remix OS

Remix OS
Remix OS

This emulator is a mixture of android OS and Windows 10 PC. You have to install it like a standalone OS. The best part is that it is very familiar like windows and you can use android apps as floating windows. It doesn’t support heavy games but works well with productivity apps. Moreover, it comes with the latest Marshmallow version.

Download Remix OS

8.) Prime OS

Prime OS
Prime OS

Similar to RimixOS, you have to boot this using a USB drive or on PC. But the gaming experience is good and comes with a beautiful and easy UI. It is a great alternative for BlueStacks. It supports keyboard mapping for gaming and other productivity apps.

Download  Prime OS

9.) ArChon


Hardcore Gaming lovers will love this emulator, and also a great choice for using productive apps. It is not a well know product, but it’s the first to work on Chrome OS. It runs apps on chrome, and is free of cost and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac Os.

Download ArChon

10.) Bliss OS

Bliss OS
Bliss OS

It is an open-source and ads-free product. To use this you have to install it as a separate OS, or you can put it in a USB drive and use it on any device. You will find an exactly similar experience as Android if installed on an x86 version.

Download Bliss OS

11.) GameLoop


Gameloop is one of the best-dedicated emulators for Android gaming. Earlier known as the Tencent Gaming Buddy from the developers of PUBG. It supports high-end games quite well and without any lag. Moreover, being a dedicated gaming emulator, Gameloop is highly optimized and is able to run seamlessly even on the low-end Windows version. With its elegant UI and few more pre-installed apps, it leaves no way behind from giving you an accurate feeling of Android. Above all, it has well integrations with the keyboard and mouse makes it the best Android gaming emulators.

Download GameLoop

12.) Andy


If you don’t like using BlueStacks anymore, Andy can be a good replacement for that.  It is a very easy one to pick up and is further available for Mac as well. The easy interface and bug-free experience make it one of the best Android emulators for Windows.  Additionally, it also gives root access to all apps that requires it. It is capable of providing the perfect experience of Android as it can run all such apps available in the Android platform.

Download Andy

So this brings us to the end of this list of Android emulators. Whether you want to play some android games to test your android apps, these Android emulators will surely help you to achieve your goal easily.

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