Steps to Recover Your Forgotten WiFi Password

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2 Steps to Recover Your Forgotten WiFi Password

Did you forget your Wi-fi password or do you want to know how to crack or find Wifi password?

If yes then here are 2 steps to help you crack your WiFi password instantly

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Step 1: Install WiFi Password Recovery Pro software

Using WiFi Password Recovery Pro software, now you can instantly recover or find all type of wireless (WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA3) passwords.

It is very easy to use for anyone. Once you download it from here, install it on your computer as shown below,

Step 2: Now Recover WiFi Passwords

After installation, run this software on your computer.

It will automatically discover, decrypt and display all your saved WiFi passwords from your computer,

That’s all, so easy to recover your Wireless passwords.

Here is the quick video showing how to recover your wifi passwords using this software,

Here is how this software works. Whenever you connect to any WiFi hotspot for the first time, Windows will store the WiFi connection details including WiFi Password/Key in a secure encrypted format on your computer so that you don’t have to enter it every time. WiFi Password Recovery Pro software can automatically find & crack all the saved WiFi passwords from the encrypted store.

It can recover all type of WiFi (WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA3) passwords. Also, it can help you to delete WiFi passwords to prevent it from being stolen by hackers.

Important Note:

  • This software can only recover saved passwords of previously connected WiFi hotspots
  • So make sure to run it on the computer where you have connected to WiFi earlier
  • Always first download & try the trial version as mentioned. If it works then order the full version


  1. Quick & easiest way to recover your forgotten WiFi password
  2. It has a lifetime license. So you can use it anytime in future
  3. Suitable for system admins, security professionals or forensic investigators to recover any saved WiFi passwords from the computer.

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