Shcheck – Tool To Scan Security Headers Of Any Website

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HTTP security headers always provide an extra layer of security by helping to mitigate attacks and security vulnerabilities.

During the last few years, a number of new HTTP headers have been introduced whose purpose is to help to enhance the security of a website.

Command HTTP Security Headers –

1. Content-security-policy
2. X-xss-protection
3. Strict-transport-security
4. X-frame-options
5. Public-key-pins
6. X-content-type

Installation of Shcheck –

You can easily install shcheck script which is python based script from Github directly.

Command: git clone


Give the full permissions to script with the help of “chmod +x“.

To run this script, simply type “./ <Your target>

You can also analyze or scan all headers online from HTTP HEADER CHECK.

Here is the list of other sites/tools through which you can also scan the security headers of any website.

  1. Chrome Dev Tools
  2. (our fav website)
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