Make A Private Search Engine And Secure Your Privacy

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Surfing the internet has become a passion for everyone but most of the search engines keep the log of our search behaviour and track us. They can share our searching data with the government. Recently Forbes warned us that some company sell our data to China.

They make a huge database using our data and make a category of consumers. We have noticed that if we search for “Adidas football” on Google, then after some time we got Adidas football’s ads on the internet. They use our search behaviour to show us ads. This might be not against Google’s terms and conditions but against our privacy.

Not only showing ads, but they also keep an extra eye on us. They always monitor our search results and using them.

Some privacy search engines (such as Duckduckgo) claim that they did not store any log, but we don’t know what is running on their back end.

It will be better that we create our own search engine and use it. This will be the best option to keep our privacy.

In this detailed tutorial, we create our own search engine and surf the internet in a very private way in our Kali Linux or any Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu Parrot and other.

To do this we use the Searx tool published on GitHub. This is an python2 based open-source privacy search engine. Open-Source means we can read the codes in it and we know what Searx is doing in the background, it is open for all.

We can host this search engine on our localhost and use it to surf the internet. We need to have Python2 installed in our machine. Python comes pre-installed in Kali Linux.

First, we open the terminal window and type the following command and hit enter.

git clone

This command will clone the Searx tool in our machine.

clonning searx from github

Now we need to go inside the searx directory by using cd command:

cd searx

Here we need to install dependencies to run searx. To do this we apply the following command:

./ update_packages

Then it will install the dependencies or update them. This may take some time depending on the internet speed and machine configuration. The screenshot is following:

installing the dependencies

Now we are ready to rock. We can run this on our localhost server by applying the following command:

python searx/

The output of the preceding command shows in the following screenshot:

searx running on our localhost

We can see that Searx is running on our localhost. Now we can open this link on our browser and our own private search engine is ready.

own search engine
own private search engine hosted on localhost

Here we search for our website and we got search results as shown in the following screenshot:

search result of own private search engine
Search result of private search engine

The search results have come from various popular search engines like Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Yahoo and more. But this search engine didn’t compromise our privacy.

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