Find Social Media Profiles Using a Photo Only: Social Mapper

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Using Social Mapper we can do mass scan. Not only that the main function is we can find someone with the photo only. Yes, Social Mapper uses facial recognition to perform a scan. Let’s use the Social Mapper tool in our Kali Linux machine.

Social Mapper is a Python-based open-source intelligence tool that correlates social media profiles via facial recognition.
Social Mapper collects data from many popular social media like

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google plus
  • Twitter
  • Vkontakte

It also can collect information from microblogging websites like Weibo and Douban.

This tool uses names and photos as input to scan social media profiles of the people on a mass scan.

Social Mapper is aimed at penetration testers and red teams, they can use it to expand their target lists and find social media profiles. Social Mapper is created by Jacob Wilkin. Jacob presents this tool on Black Hat USA 2018 and DEFCON 16 security conference.

Now we set up Social Mapper in our Kali Linux system. First, we need to configure our system for Social Mapper. We need to install Gecodriver in /usr/bin. We can download Geckodriver’s latest version for our Kali Linux 64 bit system from

we scrolled down to find Gecodriver

After download it in our Downloads folder, we need to extract Geckodriver files, To do that we open our terminal and we go to Downloads directory by using the following command:

cd Downloads

Then we type the following command to extract the tar.gz compressed file:

tar -xvzf geckodriver-vx.xx.x-linux32.tar.gz

Here x.xx.x is referring the downloaded version of Geckodriver. See the following screenshot:

de compressing gecodriver

Now we copy the Geckodriver folder to /usr/bin using the following command:

cp geckodriver /usr/bin
coping geckodriver to /usr/bin

Geckodriver is copied, now we need to install some prerequisites to run Social Mapper. To do that we use the following command:

apt install build-essential cmake libgtk-3-dev libboost-all-dev

The download and installation will depend on our internet speed and system performance.
The screenshot is following:
apt install build-essential cmake libgtk-3-dev libboost-all-dev

Now we go back to our root folder by using

cd #

Then we clone Social Mapper from it’s GitHub repository by applying the following command:

git clone

The screenshot is following:

social mapper download

Then we need to install some python modules from Social Mapper’s requirements we do this using the following command:

cd social_mapper/setup && python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

The screenshot is following:

requirements of social mapper

Now we are almost able to run Social Mapper. Then we go back to Social Mapper’s directory using the following command :

cd ..

We can check the help option by using

python3 -h

The help menu is the following:

help menu of social mapper

Social Mapper requires one account of social media to search across social media platforms like if we want to search a photo on Facebook and Twitter we need to give our Facebook and Twitters username and password. Here for our safety, we shouldn’t give our own social media account’s credentials. We should open a fake account on social media to a safer use of Social Mapper.
We can add our username and password in file. To do we open the file in any text editor (we are using leafpad here).


The screenshot of the command is the following:

Then we need to scroll down and stop here as the following screenshot:

giving crediantials
Credentials in plain text

Here we need to provide our username and password. Then we just save and close the text editor.

Then we open the Social Mapper folder in the file manager and navigate to
Input-Examples > imagefolder as shown below


Here we can see some examples. We can add the target’s photo in this folder to perform a scan. Here we have added.

roger federer kali linux

Then we type the following command to perform a fast scan on Facebook:

python3 -f imagefolder -i /root/social_mapper/Input-Examples/imagefolder -m fast -fb

The screenshot is following:

social mapper


Here we can see the links of the profiles matched and also the results are saved in a csv and HTML file. We can open the HTML file in a Firefox web browser.


Here can come some fake profile of our target because we have used fast scan, to perform an accurate scan on Facebook and Twitter both we use the following command:

python3 -f imagefolder -i /root/social_mapper/Input-Examples/imagefolder -m accurate -fb -tw

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