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Total No. of Questions = 20

1. Which of the following best describes footprinting?

A) Enumeration of services
B) Discovery of services
C) Discussion with people
D) Investigation of a target

The Correct Answer is:- D

2. Which of the following is not typically used during footprinting?

A) Search engines
B) Email
C) Port scanning
D) Google hacking

The Correct Answer is:- C

3. Why use Google hacking?

A) To fine-tune search results
B) To speed up searches
C) To target a domain
D) To look for information about Google

The Correct Answer is:- A

4. What is the role of social engineering?

A) To gain information about computers
B) To gain information about social media
C) To gain information from human beings
D) To gain information about posts and cameras

The Correct Answer is:- C

5. What is EDGAR used to do?

A) Validate personnel
B) Check financial filings
C) Verify a website
D) Gain technical details

The Correct Answer is:- B

6. Which of the following can be used to tweak or fine-tune search results?

A) Archiving
B) Operators
C) Hacking
D) Refining

The Correct Answer is:- B

7. Which of the following can an attacker use to determine the technology and structure within an organization?

A) Job boards
B) Archives
C) Google hacking
D) Social engineering

The Correct Answer is:- A

8. Which of the following can be used to assess physical security?

A) Web cams
B) Satellite photos
C) Street views
D) Interviews

The Correct Answer is:- C

9. Which of the following can help you determine business processes of your target through human interaction?

A) Social engineering
B) Email
C) Website
D) Job boards

The Correct Answer is:- A

10. The Wayback Machine is used to do which of the following?

A) Get job postings
B) View websites
C) View archived versions of websites
D) Backup copies of websites

The Correct Answer is:- C

11. Which record will reveal information about a mail server for a domain?

A) A
B) Q

The Correct Answer is:- D

12. Which tool can be used to view web server information?

A) Netstat
B) Netcraft
C) Warcraft
D) Packetcraft

The Correct Answer is:- B

13. What can be configured in most search engines to monitor and alert you of changes to content?

A) Notifications
B) Schedules
C) Alerts

The Correct Answer is:- C

14. What phase comes after footprinting?

A) System hacking
B) Enumeration
C) Scanning
D) Transfer files

The Correct Answer is:- C

15. If you can’t gain enough information directly from a target, what is another option?

B) Social engineering
C) Scanning
D) Competitive analysis

The Correct Answer is:- D

16. What is the purpose of social engineering?

A) Gain information from a computer through networking and other tools
B) Gain information from the web looking for employee names
C) Gain information from a job site using a careful eye
D) Gain information from a human being through face-to-face or electronic means

The Correct Answer is:- D

17. Which of the following would be a very effective source of information as it relates to social engineering?

A) Social networking
B) Port scanning
C) Websites
D) Job boards

The Correct Answer is:- A

18. Footprinting can determine all of the following except __________?

A) Hardware types
B) Software types
C) Business processes
D) Distribution and number of personnel

The Correct Answer is:- D

19. Footprinting has two phases. What are they?

A) Active and pseudonymous
B) Active and passive
C) Social and anonymous
D) Scanning and enumerating

The Correct Answer is:- B

20. Which tool can trace the path of a packet?

A) Ping
B) Tracert
C) Whois

The Correct Answer is:- B
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