Extend Context(right lick)-Menu in Windows

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Even though there are already many tools available through the right-click context-menu in Windows, some users still desire more tools for making their everyday easier. An open-source software xMenuTools addresses this problem and offers many more tools ready to be added to the context-menu in Windows.

xMenuTools is a very small program and can be installed in seconds on Windows 10. Even though it is designed for Windows 10, it seems to work on Windows 8.1 too. Immediately after the installation, it shows the settings for xMenuTools that allow the user to choose which of the tools are to be added.


There are four tabs in the xMenuTools settings window – All Files, Short, Directories and Background. Under the “All Files” tab, the tools available will be shown when you right-click on one or more files. Under the “Short” tab, the tools will be available when you right-click on a shortcut such as the ones on the Windows Desktop.


The tools that will be displayed when you right-click inside or over a folder are listed under the “Directories” tab. And finally, the tools that will be displayed when you are right-clicking on the Desktop itself are listed under the “Background” tab.


You can select or deselect any of these tabs as you find useful. There are all sorts of tools such as copying paths, launching cmd.exe shell or Microsoft PowerShell, open with text-editor, blocking with Windows Firewall and so on.


You can close the settings window after picking the tools that you want to set and the tools are immediately available for your use. You can right-click on various files, shortcuts, folders or the desktop background to see how the tools are available. They are available from under a submenu labeled xMenuTools.


Unfortunately, there is no option to add custom commands in the menu. The only possible way you can add custom tools in the context-menu is by changing the source-code and compiling it yourself. The author has generously made the Microsoft Visual C# code available on GitHub and it can be compiled using the Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition.

You can download xMenuTools from https://github.com/xCONFLiCTiONx/xMenuTools/.

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