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Doxing? Weaponizing personal information
Doxing victims find their home address, social security number, and more posted online, typically because someone wanted to intimidate, humiliate, or harass them. Here’s what you need to know.

Information gathering is one of the Initial steps of any penetration testing project . Information gathering deals with gathering all the information you can gather about your target . This information might be gathered by doing online searches , phone calls , emails or other social engineering . Doxing is a more comprehensive term that explains guidlines on how this information can be gathered about your target .

What is Doxing?

Doxing is about to get an information about someone ! Simply it deals with the profiling of your target . Whatever information you get by researching your target comes under Doxing . Doxing defines a Step by step approach through which you profile your target . Here are some of the techniques :
  • -IP Address [80% effective, in my opinion its the best way to dox]
  • -Email [Not very effective,Useful in getting the victim’s social account]
  • -Home/Street Address [Shitty,Almost won’t work with you]
  • -Phone number [You may not get anything from that,Bad way]
  • -Name [There is 7 billion people in earth,The chances are extremely low to make a site/tool or whatever to determine the person you are looking for]


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How To Dox your target :

First lets talk about Doxing with Name,P Number,Address & email
First I want to introduce to you, my collection of doxing sites! These websites aid you in the information gathering process of the penetration testing , that is Doxing .

List of Websites used in Doxing : [An online crypter]

Every site have its own Tools. Each of the above listed websites will help you in different aspects of Doxing .
To dox with name,address or phone number , my suggestion is using .
If you plan to Dox with Email , then and are very helpful .

Doxing with the email Address :

Procedure –

1-Get their ip via an IP Logger eg.
2-Use the ip tools at
3-Use or any other geoip site to get location . Getting the geolocation of your target is also very helpful for the further Doxing of the target .

But this is not it . It is always recommended to research on your own about the websites that can provide you with more fruitful information about your target . Now the add up to the above list of Doxing websites would be Classifieds websites etc . The more you dig deeper , more information you can find on your Target .

Is doxing illegal?

The prospect of someone posting your home address for anyone on the internet to see is pretty scary to most people, and you may assume that it can’t possibly be legal. But the legality of doxing can vary from case to case, and depends on exactly what information is revealed and how that information is obtained.

How to prevent yourself from being Doxed :

For Anti-IP Doxing Just make sure you always use a VPN like

Here is a list of links where you can go a nd remove yourself from the search indexes and prevent from being Doxed .

Spokeo :
Pipl :
ZoomInfo :
Whitepages :
PeopleSmart :
CheckPeople :
BeenVerified :
Intelius : 
US Search : :

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