R4VEN – track user’s smartphone/pc ip And gps location.

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The tool hosts a fake website which uses an iframe to display a legit website and, if the target allows it, it will fetch the location of the target alongwith…

  • Gps location(latitude and longitude)
  • IP Address
  • Device Information

This tool is a Proof of Concept and is for Educational Purposes Only.

Using this tool, you can find out what information a malicious website can gather about you and your devices and why you shouldn’t click on random links or grant permissions like Location to them.


  • Once location permission is granted, accurate location information is recieved to within 20 to 30 meters of the user’s location.

  • It will not work on laptops or phones that have broken GPS, browsers that block javascript, or if the user is mocking the GPS location.

How it’s different from ip location

  • Geographic location based on IP address is NOT accurate and does not provide the location of the target. Instead, it provides the approximate location of the ISP (Internet service provider)

OS compatibility :




⭔ Installation

git clone https://github.com/spyboy-productions/r4ven.git
cd r4ven
python3 r4ven.py

enter your discord webhook url (set up a channel in your discord server with webhook integration)


📍 Track info data will be sent to your discord webhook channel.

  • why discord webhook? Conveniently, you will receive a notification when someone clicks on the link.

⭓ To chnage website template

  • open file index.html on line 12 and replace the src in the iframe. (Note: not every website support iframe)

⭓ To port forward install ngrok or use ssh

  • For ngrok port forward type: ngrok http 8000
  • For ssh port forwarding type: ssh -R 80:localhost:8000 ssh.localhost.run

Tool Github Repo: https://github.com/spyboy-productions/r4ven

if having an issue reach us on our Discord server for chat/help

Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/ZChEmMwE8d


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