Top 5 Mac mind mapping software to effortlessly organize your thoughts

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Are you struggling with finding an idea or have several of them and don’t know where to start? This technique, called mind mapping, helps visually represent your ideas, theories, and concepts. In addition, the maps might help in comprehending and grasping ideas from their counterparts. Fortunately, Mac has several mind mapping tools that can help you remember and organize your thoughts.

Mind mapping tools make it easier to create a presentation for your upcoming meeting, write a book, or plan your next trip. Here are some of those apps that can organize your jumbled thoughts and help you make sense of it.


iThoughtsX is a mind mapping tool that you can use to organize your ideas and opinions. The app was designed to assist with long-term plan creation and brainstorming. The elegant interface of the app reel users in and retains them through its incredible features. Use the app to brainstorm and create tasks with descriptions and specific due dates and updates.

Importing and exporting is hassle-free when using this app because it supports all popular formats, including .csv, .docx, .txt, .mindnode, .mgmx, etc. Furthermore, the intuitive drag and drop feature makes it stress-free to quickly organize your thoughts and move on to the next one. You can even add images, hyperlinks, and other items as you need.

When your mind map is complete, you can sync it with the cloud and effortlessly share or edit the maps.


MindNode offers a fluid mind-mapping experience, and its intuitive UI works smoothly. The app is perfect for users who are starting out and need help learning the basics of the mind mapping technique. The software has iCloud sync, and the interface is specifically designed so users don’t lose much functionality even when using the tool on their mobile devices. In addition, users can create a large mind mapping tree because the nodes are easily foldable. So, you don’t ever have to feel overwhelmed with data.

Additional features of the app include a quick entry shortcut for adding ideas quickly, creating outlines, support for themes and stickers, notes, visual tags, etc.


XMind stands out from the rest of the mind mapping apps due to its theming capability. Besides, the app does everything a mind mapping tool is supposed to do. Users can create mind maps and attach links, photos, and notes. The mind maps can be shared or printed out into PDFs of OPML. Furthermore, you can transfer the mind maps directly to your Evernote account. There are pre-formatted templates that you can use or choose to create your own from scratch. At any given time, you can adjust the theme of the mind maps. You can select from a wide range of themes for your mind maps. So, if you like themes, you can check out this app.


Mindly promises to provide you with a unique mind-mapping experience. It is an innovative mind mapping app that utilizes a solar-system approach to organizing thoughts and creating mind maps. While the primary idea remains in the center, you can add other related ideas around the perimeter in the form of a circle. Moreover, you can in-turn the associated concepts and use them as the center and so on.

The app also offers several animations, such as animations for bouncing back and forth between the circles. These animations are quite fun to work with. In addition to adding your thoughts and ideas, you can even add links, images, and notes.

However, Mindly isn’t considered one of the powerful mind mapping tools. The app is elegant and straightforward. It will help your creative juices flow, but you need to check out the other options on this list if you want more features.


FreeMind is a free mind mapping tool that doesn’t have any strings attached. It is an open-source application that is free to download, and you can use it forever. The app offers all the essential mind mapping features, which allows it to compete head to head with the other paid applications. However, while the app is free and offers excellent features, it sacrifices the sync feature and the UI. Sadly, the UI seems outdated, and you cannot create a rich-looking mind map that easily attracts attention. Also, the lack of a sync feature means the mind maps will only live on your Mac. But you can export the maps in PDF and then share them with your colleagues and teams.

Wrapping up

These are some fantastic mind mapping software for Mac that you can check out. Your mind must be overflowing with ideas and thoughts. These apps will help to organize them and make them understandable. You can use these apps to plan a project, start writing your novel or put down any idea that has been plaguing your mind.

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