Know if your emails has been opened or not !!

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You do not know if your recipient has seen or opened your email. Once you send an email to someone, you have no idea if they actually opened it and read it, until they actually reply to you.

So in this post, we’ll see if we can actually know when someone opens your email on their end. We’ll make use of the HTML rendering feature of Gmail to embed an image in the mail and monitor the requests for that image to be able to tell when your email is opened, it’s an awesome hack!

There are some extensions available on the web-store that does this automatically, but you can build your own based on this idea! For this demonstration, I just used the python HTTP server along with ngrok to make it work.

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Step 1. copy code from and then edit the messages that you want to send


step 2. save/replace the logo image given in the link and then host it locally.

step 3. To host in windows if python is installed just open PowerShell & type :

python -m http.server

make sure it is in same the directory where the image is.

step 4. Now you need to tunnel your localhost to the internet so make use of ngrok to tunnel your localhost.

step 5. install ngrok and auth token by creating a free account, then type the command: ngrok http 8000

make sure you use the same port number to host here we are using 8000

step 6. put the ngrok logo image link in the code given in 1st step. and then simply open that HTML code with the browser and copy the HTML render and paste it in compose mail and send it.

and we are done.

Once someone will open the mail image will auto load from your localhost.

You will see a Get requests 200 if someone will open the mail.

it’s fun and useful. if having an issue reach us on our Discord server for chat/help

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