Kali Linux: Reset Password

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Let’s see how to reset the root password in Kali Linux.

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Step 1: Reboot Kali

While booting Kali Linux, just Press e to edit the GRUB menu.


Step 2 :Edit GRUB menu

Use navigational arrows to scroll down to the end of the menu -> Look for the keyword ‘Linux’ on the left side of the menu -> Replace ‘ro’ with ‘rw’ and ‘quite splash’ with ‘init=/bin/bash.’



press the F10 button to save changes

Step 3: Reset root password and user kali password

Change the password by using Linux “passwd”.

root@(none):/# passwd


To change the password of user kali, use the below command:

root@(none):/# passwd kali


Step 4: Reboot the system

Use the below command to exit and effect the settings:

root@(none):/# exec /sbin/init

Now use the changed password for login in the Kali system.

Authentication token manipulation error

Sometimes Authentication token manipulation error comes, to resolve this issue use the below mount command:

root@(none):/# mount -o remount,rw /

Then use passwd to change the password.


if having issue reach us on our Discord server for chat/help


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