[Fixed] No WiFi Adapter Found in Kali Linux

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When we install Kali Linux on Desktop or Laptop we didn’t connect it with Wi-Fi.

Sometimes internal WiFi adapter not found in our Kali Linux system. In this detailed post we learn how we can install Wi-Fi in Kali Linux.

If we have Desktop computer then we should use the Wi-Fi adopters. This usually doesn’t need to install drive, if need then we should go the manufacturer’s website searching for drives in Linux. Have a Laptop then try following.

Laptop PC’s comes with on board Wi-Fi. Now it becomes hard to install Wi-Fi drivers and use onboard Wi-Fi chipset when we have direct install (not in Virtual Machines). So usually beginners use the LAN cable for internet or the external Wi-Fi adapter (like Alfa card) . Those methods works finely but decrees the portability of a laptop computer.

Now we are going to install Wi-Fi driver in our Laptop. First of all we need a network connection with decent speed, it may be from LAN cable or from the mobile using USB tethering.

Then we open a Terminal window and update our Kali Linux by using apt update command:

sudo apt-get update

It require the root password to continue. After updating we use git clone command to clone Broadcom Installer.

Usually most of the laptop works with Broadcom Wi-Fi drivers and our command will be following:

git clone https://github.com/mehedishakeel/BroadcomInstaller2017

After cloning it we go to the folder using cd command:-

cd BroadcomInstaller2017

Then before run the automated bash script we give it permissions to run by using following command:

sudo chmod +x Broadcom.sh

Then we run the bash script by applying following command:

sudo bash Broadcom.sh

Now it will show us some options. Here we choose (1) Install WiFi driver to automatically install and setup everything for us.

install wifi in kali linux

This will take some time depending on our system performance and internet speed.

Sit back and take a coffee, because it take some time.

After finishing the installation this script will restart our PC. So don’t panic if it’s restarts automatically. After boot up again it will show us the Wi-Fi connectivity in the top right corner, and now we can connect our PC with Wi-Fi network with password

Wifi in Kali Linux
Installed Wi-Fi in Kali Linux

In this tutorial we learned how we can install Wi-Fi driver in Kali Linux, specially on primary install in Laptop.

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