How to Play YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering

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Today there are million of people who consume their time on youtube watching videos online. And as we all recognize youtube is the biggest video streaming network where you can undoubtedly watch all your beloved videos online. But the main issue with youtube videos is their buffering speeds.

Today we are going to share a trick on Buffering your Youtube video’s faster than it’s standard speed. Go through the full post to know much more about it.

So to conclude this problem, I am hereabouts with a method to buffer youtube video faster than the standard speed. Actually, this buffering depends not exclusively over the internet speed as there are certainly more things that can affect it. So with the below method you can resolve them and can buffer youtube videos faster.

Below is the method to watch youtube video faster Just follow the below steps to proceed:

Step 1. First of all download and install the SmartVideo for YouTube extensionin your Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. I am going to show you the full tutorial on Google Chrome because many of us mostly prefer Google chrome.


Step 2. Now after the installation plays any video on YouTube and then you will be able to see some of the additional options under your playing video. You just need to move your Mouse cursor in between youtube videos and you can see a small rectangular box popping up.

Step 3. Now click on the Global Preferences at the right side of your playing video, Then check mark the Smart Buffer Box. You don’t need to do anything else here.

Step 4. Now, it will force buffer your YouTube video. That’s it! you will see your youtube video will buffer faster and enjoy the high-speed video streaming experience over youtube.

So foregoing is all about How to Buffer Youtube Video Faster. By this method, you can easily increase your buffer memory and force the youtube to send further data in your buffer space and you will be able to watch youtube video faster than the normal speed. So enjoy the better video streaming experience with this method.

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