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Total No. of Questions = 20
1. If you have been contracted to perform an attack against a target system, you are what type of hacker?

A) White hat
B) Gray hat
C) Black hat
D) Red hat

The Correct Answer is:- A

2. Which of the following describes an attacker who goes after a target to draw attention to a cause?

A) Terrorist
B) Criminal
C) Hacktivist
D) Script kiddie

The Correct Answer is:- C

3. What level of knowledge about hacking does a script kiddie have?

A) Low
B) Average
C) High
D) Advanced

The Correct Answer is:- A

4. Which of the following does an ethical hacker require to start evaluating a system?

A) Training
B) Permission
C) Planning
D) Nothing

The Correct Answer is:- B

5. A white-box test means the tester has which of the following?

A) No knowledge
B) Some knowledge
C) Complete knowledge
D) Permission

The Correct Answer is:- C

6. Which of the following describes a hacker who attacks without regard for being caught or punished?

A) Hacktivist
B) Terrorist
C) Criminal
D) Suicide hacker

The Correct Answer is:- D

7. What is a code of ethics?

A) A law for expected behavior
B) A description of expected behavior
C) A corporate policy
D) A standard for civil conduct

The Correct Answer is:- B

8. The group Anonymous is an example of what?

A) Terrorists
B) Script kiddies
C) Hacktivists
D) Grayware

The Correct Answer is:- C

9. Companies may require a penetration test for which of the following reasons?

A) Legal reasons
B) Regulatory reasons
C) To perform an audit
D) To monitor network performance

The Correct Answer is:- A

10. What should a pentester do prior to initiating a new penetration test?

A) Plan
B) Study the environment
C) Get permission
D) Study the code of ethics

The Correct Answer is:- C

11. Which of the following best describes what a hacktivist does?

A) Defaces websites
B) Performs social engineering
C) Hacks for political reasons
D) Hacks with basic skills

The Correct Answer is:- C

12. Which of the following best describes what a suicide hacker does?

A) Hacks with permission
B) Hacks without stealth
C) Hacks without permission
D) Hacks with stealth

The Correct Answer is:- B

13. Which type of hacker may use their skills for both benign and malicious goals at different times?

A) White hat
B) Gray hat
C) Black hat
D) Suicide hacker

The Correct Answer is:- B

14. What separates a suicide hacker from other attackers?

A) A disregard for the law
B) A desire to be helpful
C) The intent to reform
D) A lack of fear of being caught

The Correct Answer is:- D

15. Which of the following would most likely engage in the pursuit of vulnerability research?

A) White hat
B) Gray hat
C) Black hat
D) Suicide hacker

The Correct Answer is:- A

16. Vulnerability research deals with which of the following?

A) Actively uncovering vulnerabilities
B) Passively uncovering vulnerabilities
C) Testing theories
D) Applying security guidance

The Correct Answer is:- B

17. How is black-box testing performed?

A) With no knowledge
B) With full knowledge
C) With partial knowledge
D) By a black hat

The Correct Answer is:- A

18. A contract is important because it does what?

A) Gives permission
B) Gives test parameters
C) Gives proof
D) Gives a mission

The Correct Answer is:- C

19. What does TOE stand for?

A) Target of evaluation
B) Time of evaluation
C) Type of evaluation
D) Term of evaluation

The Correct Answer is:- A

20. Which of the following best describes a vulnerability?

A) A worm
B) A virus
C) A weakness
D) A rootkit

The Correct Answer is:- C
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